About today

How has your day been? In our busy lives it’s easy to get lost in our tasks and errands that we can neglect spending time with Him who gives us breath for every moment of every day. God has given you today to serve Him. Take some time to gift your day back to Him. Protect your priorities especially the time you spend serving God

I’m a learner not a teacher of the Word. In However, I am convinced every word of the Bible is true and it is our eternal Code of Conduct. I’m not equipped to teach the Word therefore I just share some of the Word to hopefully encourage others.

The way I try to serve GOD on a daily basis, is by sharing some of His Word and writing about His goodness, His immeasurable kindness and His deep and unfathomable love. I hope by spending some of my day devoted to Him, I can in some small way serve Him.

How do you gift your day back to GOD? No matter your manner of service, keep your main priority Him. For after all, every day we have is a present from GOD.

God bless you

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