May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. ~Psalm 20:4

It’s easy to feel ill-equipped to face our challenges. I don’t like conflict and am quite risk-averse, so confidence is something I sometimes grapple with. But I understand that those doubts, those feelings of not being enough comes from the enemy. You see GOD gives us the capabilities to undertake the tasks He assigns for us. Our abilities come from Him not ourselves. And the enemy hates that. It hates GOD’s greatness and the glory we give Him, so he tries to put our focus on ourselves not the One who gives us our strength. Throughout the Bible we see people who achieved amazing things – look at Moses, David and Joshua for example. You see, they believed wholeheartedly that GOD will bless what they were doing and that they will achieve their goals – so they did. Next time you feel lacking in confidence pray to GOD to put your focus on Him. If your will aligns with His, He will make it happen and your plans will succeed.

God bless you! ~M

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