Not natural …… Supernatural

There is none who does good ~ Psalm 14:1

Have you ever wondered if something within you fights to honor GOD? If so, you are right. It’s contrary to human nature to submit to HIM. People’s natural inclinations can only lead to destruction; there is nothing inherently good about them.

When you begin to seek GOD it is not by natural means. Rather, He draws you supernaturally by his Spirit. In fact, when you believe in Him to save you, He gives you His Holy Spirit to guide, teach and transform you. It is then that you can obey Him, that you can truly do good.

Through the power of GOD’s Holy Spirit, you can choose to honor Him. Therefore, embrace the supernatural life and enjoy GOD’s extraordinary blessings. Because what He offers you is truly out of this world.

Excerpted from Psalms to Soothe a Woman’s Heart by JB Rosania

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